2 jun. 2009

oh the little things you do

Today was HOT. Too bad I didn't quite know.. Me, with my 'should I wear shorts or not' in the morning decided not to, because no one would, right?
Wrong. Even the peoples in my class that never wear anything leg-baring, wore shorts or skirts and stuff. I on the other hand was in jeans. A long-sleeve. (Which I could take off, fortunately, but still. Let's add the drama).

Blue top, Hema. Shirt, vintage. Jeans, Levi's.

I find myself wearing H&M less and less.. the only thing today was my underwear but you didn't really need to know that..

7 opmerkingen:

Emz zei

Haha I hate it when I dress wrongly for the weather! But I like your shirt!

emily zei

exactly what happened to me today. (minus the long sleeves) i hate when that happens. at least you still look really cute! :)

Lo zei

very nineties, I like it. : )

Anoniem zei

great shirt!

Little Monarch zei

it has been TOO HOT! I am one of those people that sweats LOADS. Like your underwear, you probably didnt need to know that.

ms zei

leuk zo met die lichte broek en
bloes. en heb ik al een keer
gezegd hoe geweldig ik your hair vind? hihi

HoneyBunny zei

I probably wouldn't wear shorts in the morning as well;P
Cute look:)