15 jun. 2009

and now my independence starts

Here is Saturday's outfit: I didn't do... much. I also had my birthday outfit to show but those pictures are horrid (look at me saying fancy words! ;) ) so I'll spare you that.

Shirt/skirt/leggings, H&M. Cardigan, Benetton. Ski socks, Makro.

See, I was lazy enough to walk around in my home comfy warm socks. (Not outside though.. :) ) It was necessary, too: it wasn't even that warm or anything! And that calls itself June..

I also have a post coming including my birthday gifts, and one for the things I bought yesterday (a bikini-striped, not polka dotted; a beach dress and a school agenda/diary that's totally cute). Now, I'm a little too lazy so you can expect them when they're done. I'm not going to promise you then a spat before there's actual proof of their existence, because you know, me and promises.. :#

8 opmerkingen:

The Clothes Horse zei

Very cute skirt.

kimi zei

I feel like you and this skirt have a special relationship! It suits you perfectly. Seems like it was made only for you. You're wearing it a lot but I'm never bored like "gosh she's wearing it again". Every time I see you in it I only can think that you're looking incredibly cute. You should keep it 'til your a grandma. You and this skirt are BFF!

Damsels zei

great color on that skirt!
its my favorite

We Were Damsels

kimi zei

Thanks for your comment but who's Rebecca and Renee? Blogettes?

Little Bo Peeep zei

The skirt is so adorable! I just love how they put buttons on clothes or skirts! I would totally wear your outfit too!

Beth zei

Love that blue skirt, it just makes your whole outfit pop :)

Mare P zei

love the blue

Charlotte Drene zei

What a wonderful skirt!