17 jun. 2009

so your words are technically his

Shirt, my dad's. Skirt, vintage (Zipper).

I have official permission to raid my father's closet and so I have. This was the best thing I found so far, though I didn't browse thoroughly through it yet. I rolled up the sleeves -from all the detail 'fashionalities' I've learned from you guys, this is the most subtle one, but also one of the best. It's some sort of sign of originality or something. I know for sure it's not regular because my friend today was like 'noooo, don't roll 'em up!' and started 'fixing' them but in fact she's the one who wears jeans and Chucks (almost) every day. She does have an amazing brown military jacket though.

Well well. This skirt was the one I bought yesterday at the Zipper, there you saw it, so another picture from the piece on its own isn't necessary. I don't feel like it, anyways. And I still have to photograph my recently-bought bikini, dress and schedule-thingie, but you'll probably see them soon enough..
So it's just the birthday-gift post! Be prepared for the 'longest waiting possible'.

13 opmerkingen:

Damsels zei

love this combination of girly skirt and sort of rocker vintageT
We Were Damsels

Tamara zei

Nice pics! Love the skirt ;)

Elena zei

Wow! love this outfit! The combination is so cool!

Anoniem zei

I really like your outfits and photos! What a lovely blog!

- Charlotte. =].

The Clothes Horse zei

This is such a fun combo. I really like the tee too--I wish my Dad had such stylish tees!

Diane zei

So fun! I love pairing t-shirts and skirts. Cuffing sleeves is the best thing you can do to a large-ish t-shirt - somehow it makes the outfit that much better!

styleburst zei

love the tee and skirt pairing. :) hope you find more goodies in your dad's wardrobe.


kimi zei

I also stole some stuff from my da's closet. but he hasn't cool vintage tees. Your combination is really cool! Love it.

deep_in_vogue zei

Your skirt is fantastic!!

shopgirl28 zei

I love that outfit together. Maybe I need to raid my own father's closet.

Toni Tones zei

lovely skirt x

Luna : zei

i've just raided my dads closet too, i love your shirt :-D

Sarah zei

that style looks really cool!!i really like floral skirts