4 jun. 2009

get cold when i talk to you

A more 'me' outfit, something that has taken a while. This is about my basis, for an uninspirational day (and the way I 'differently' dressed before knowing there was more to it): a high-waisted skirt, tights (preferably colored wildly), and a shirt. There ya go.

Cardigan, H&M Young. Shirt/skirt, H&M. Tights, Hema. Shoes, Zipper.

Forget what I said, in the last post, about H&M and all ;)

Oh, before I forget: I've made Tumblr and Twitter accounts yesterday. (One of each ;) ). Enjoy, or something.. :')

14 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

deze schoentjes lijken zo erg op die van de urban outfittesr, erg leuk! lovely xx

erin zei

very nice.
love your simple style!


amy@flyingakite.blogspot.com zei

I love the simple look too.. your shoes pop! i love them :)

love ! love! love !
hope to hear from you :)

The Clothes Horse zei

It's a great sort of "basic" outfit to fall back on. It's cute and has personality, but you can also throw it on with little personal thought. :) I like the colors here especially. I think my fall back is a vintage dress...

Casey zei

Love the lace up shoes with tights!
And I'm totally following you on twitter now :]

Damsels zei

that skirt is a brilliant color
lovely really .

its my favorite
We Were Damsels

...love Maegan zei

SO CUTE! I had pink polka dots on my walls once! ...I love your header/banner photo. so pretty!

elle victoire zei

love the shoes. look great with your outfit :)


cute skirt:)

Miiicha zei

Nice skirt !

Posh zei

Cute look!

justbecausefashion zei

lovely skirt and lovely wall,
xxx G&L

♥ fashion chalet zei

your blog title always makes me smile :) great skirt!!


miky zei