13 jun. 2009

dee eye why

My birthday wish list. I'll probably be getting these items myself, but still. (some things are the same as half a year ago)

- a slouchy, preferably navy, shirt (vintage, H&M)
- a body (H&M, ballet shop Le Papillon, vintage?)
- a pair of acid wash jeans (DIY)
- a peter pan collar dress (H&M?, vintage)
- an overall (vintage, flee market)
- gladiator sandals (H&M)
- a pair of high-waist shorts (H&M?, vintage)
- a maxi floral/paisley dress (H&M, Bershka, Zara)
- a The Beatles logo shirt (music store?, vintage)
- floral Dr. Martens (vintage, ebay?)
- espadrille wedges (H&M?, market)
- a briefcase (vintage, flee market)
- a children's suitcase (flee market, market?, vintage?)
- a polka dot bikini or swimsuit (H&M?, vintage)
- a pair of swimming trunks (H&M?, Makro)
- a crinoline/tutu/petticoat/thingie (vintage, Le Papillon)

Wish me luck on finding these things! ;)

3 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

Nice tutu!

kimi zei

My Favs: The body, the docs and the tutu. I can imagine you wearing it easily.
I hope you find these things!

Slanelle zei

the beatles shirt is so cool !