10 jun. 2009

the brainstorm

Polo, Hema. Skirt, H&M. Cardigan, Benetton. Tights, Hema.

Let me tell you the headband-story that everyone at my home is now familiar with. You know coals, that you use for fire places? Well, they come in sacks. The sack is made of some kind of netting, and it is tied into the form of a bag with a string.

Now you know :)

EDIT: I have some kind of offer. I'd really want to make a sort of guide through Amsterdam, considering vintage shops and flee markets. This way, if you guys ever come over here, you know where to look. Also I have a good reason to visit all these amazing places when needing to write reviews ;) If you're interested, I could list some other shops and maybe even restaurants too.. I'd love to do so, but I'd need some peoples interested alright.. :) 'think about it'.

7 opmerkingen:

Damsels zei

i might be interested but sadly i know i wont be going there anytime soon
but it would befun to dream:(
We Were Damsels

HoneyBunny zei

Great idea with that headband:D

And sure, I;d be interested to read a guide like that, I will need it for sure in the future:)))

The Queen of Hearts zei

I definitely would come to the Netherlands, are you kidding me?? Maybe towards the end of the summer. Are you guys members of the EU?

Lauren zei

Good idea for a headband!

x x x

closeup zei

I'm nterested, because I'm planning to come visit Amsterdam soon. Do you know/like the KitschKitchen supermarket?

The Clothes Horse zei

I love the colors you're wearing.
You should totally make that guide!

deep_in_vogue zei

I think it sounds like a very good idea, you should definitely do that guide!