31 mei 2009

we'll be living in a sailing house

Yesterday was amazing! We took the boat to have barbecue, on a lake. Our boat is this sad little aluminum thingie, so it didn't last too long, the lake-time. Me, my playsuit (pretty much all I wore!) and my mom got really cold and wet. We barbecued on this little island of grass, because it was so quiet. Then, there came a wedding of people we just knew would divorce five years later, so woosh, gone peace. All in all it was a great day, with its flaws but ah well, you can't have everything can you.

This was a small harbor we had to wait at, for the other boats to come the other way.

I lay on a pier facing the sky. This was the view when you looked down.. water, what a surprise?

You might think I took an ordinary photo of blue from Google or something. Nope guys, this was the sky. Heaven, as some might call it. I could have believed it at the time! But, atheistic as I am..

Bigfoot sails the seas. Uh, lakes.

Our itty bitty boatie facing the forest.

A blue view :)

My future home. No kidding. Its simple- and shabbiness appeals to me. Just the price, it probably won't..

(Like this? I made a tag for things 'not containing' the blog or fashionality, but it'll be useless if you my guests don't enjoy it :) I think we need something more personal here though. So collections of photos will come more often, yes?)

5 opmerkingen:

Enep zei

yeah, I want more photo shoots. hihi. you have beautiful photos though :--D

The Clothes Horse zei

Oh! I used to dream about living a boat house--it was either that or a tree house for me.
I'm so jealous you do have a boat. That sounds like so much fun.

Suzanne zei

het ziet eruit alsof je het naar je zin hebt gehad!
Een vriendin van mij woont ook op een boot in Amsterdam. Zij heeft het daar erg naar haar zin!

Slanelle zei

i wanna be on holidayyyyys

Maverick Malone zei

That actually looks like so much fun!!

xox, mavi