18 mei 2009

well those people will never love

Today: Silk top, secondhand (mom's old). (Top under, H&M.) Cardigan, Benetton. Skirt, H&M. Tights, H&M Young. Socks, H&M. Shoes, Zipper.

I'm getting used to/good at posting outfits asap. I'm hoping I can keep it up, I probably shouldn't have said that though because now, of course, it's not going to happen..

No more of a story today, again.. I'm getting either uninspired when it comes to words, not willing to tell.. or tolerant to you guys ;)

7 opmerkingen:

lucille zei

love your skirt !!

ana b. zei

Aahhh! I spot a cute little light blue dinosaur to your left! And it matches your shoes. Great blog. I enjoyed having a look around!

little fawn. zei

this outfit is so cute! H&M young is just better :D

kirstyb zei

Cute pics xoxoxox

monic zei

I love the wall, and your shoes :)

The Clothes Horse zei

Love your blue shoes.

grace zei

aww your moms old top? im a freak about taking care of my clothing because i am going to insist that my daughter wear all of it.