19 mei 2009

the day was darker than anyone thought it to be

Blouse, secondhand (Queen's Day). Slim jeans, Levi's.

This was one of the things I found/bought on Queen's Day. Now I'm going to copy my lookbook story on this outfit because I'm lazy:

I got this blouse for just ONE euro on Queen's Day! There was this HUGE stand where EVERYTHING was ONE euro. SORRY for the annoying capital letters.

It really did annoy me that there was pretty much nothing else that I liked or could use, except for.. worn-out dark blue Dr. Martens! That were too small on me!! How suckish is that? They were perfect!

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lucille zei

I love your shirt !

Sydnie zei

You have a great blog! I'll definately be stopping back soon!


yiqin; zei

I really like your walls :) Mine is just plain white!

karla zei

i love your hair, really pretty. i'm always a fan of unruly wavy/curly hair :)

Enep zei

classic but lovely! like it :--D


M. and O. zei

The next designers of fashion Olivia and Mariam, two teenagers who love Fashion, Designers and Photography, come on and see us :) it's juste the beginning but If you help us to be famous, you don't regret;)

Come On !

Krystal zei

very cool!