24 mei 2009

because one could not live without

Short post in between, containing this: I've been dancing all weekend. This explains my absence. For these two beautiful sunny days, I've been sitting inside, bored, overly pancaked (do the English call the gross orange make-up that, too?) and waiting for the breaking of sweat for the performance of three minutes.

Four times.

Still follow? Basically it's this: I had to perform a dance in a show my dancing school organized and all. And it was over 68 degrees outside! I was tightless and it had no use because I did not meet the sun! That sentence was way too poetic!

But tomorrow, it's gonna be hot too, so now I'm finishing up this explanation of mine and I'm going to find a pair of shoes fitting with my yellow dress, darn it. (Which I bought on Queen's Day and you haven't seen yet, so tomorrow OK?)

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In-tree-gue zei

I hope you did well on your performance! love the tights