13 mei 2009

with a million kisses good night

Well well well. I've been back from Texel for.. let's call it a few days, and so there are FIVE - yes, in case you missed the point of the capital letters FIVE FIVE FIVE - outfits I have to post. I used Casey's very useful tip on just looking away or hiding your face in the photos-something obvious enough to just not come to me. Anyhow, here they are: saturday through wednesday (today).

Saturday: Top, secondhand (mom's). Skirt, H&M. Tights, H&M Young. Necklace, selfmade (melon!).

Sunday: Top, Bristol. Purple cardigan, Ross. Blue cardigan, Benetton. Pants, market. Shoes, Zipper. Bag, secondhand (mom's). Necklace, selfmade (shell). (I have like this bold spot on my head and I only found out when taking these pictures.. it bothers me much.)

Monday: Shirt, H&M. Cardigan, Ross. Skirt, H&M. Tights, Hema. Shoes, Zipper. Necklace, selfmade (I found my old-time Flippo's back, that used to come with the chips bags and stuff and I love it :D).

Tuesday: Skirt as top (?!), secondhand. Striped shirt, H&M. Cardigan, H&M Young. Pants, market.

Today: Dress as top, Zipper (men's sweater). Skirt, vintage Only via Episode. Cardigan, Ross. Shoes, Zipper. Tights, H&M. Bag, secondhand (mom's).

As you can see I've got some new 'stuff' as well, like the shoes wshich were a replacement for those yellow ones you actually just met recently. They're in the trash now, because my mom said I looked like some kind of hobo wearing them. I'm such a bad teenager (in the sense of listening to what my parents have to say which people my age aren't supposed to do.. but darnn they raised me well).
About those new buys, and of course the things I found/bought for an unreal price on Queen's Day, will be shown later on. The QD pieces will first have to be washed thoroughly before I'm actually wearing them, so they'll be posted later and I could pretty much show you 'the rest'.. new post to come.

2 opmerkingen:

xs zei

the outfit with your striped shirt is my fav. cute looks!

Suzanne zei

de schelp op het shirtje staat zo leuk zomers!