13 mei 2009

and the angels with the demons sing

This is a men's sweater. Hello men's sweater. It's pink and I bought it at the Zipper. (At which me and my friend finally found out, they have a separated men's and women's side and we always used to just wonder around everywhere but that's how you get these kinda buys right?) Anyway, I wanted to wear it as a dress and so I did, but the problem with me and (semi or totall-i) short skirts and dresses is that I keep tugging it even if my buttocks are not showing. So I wore it like down here afterwards, because it gives me a secure feeling.

And just at the moment that I can't show my face anymore, I found these. Well, bought. On Queen's Day. For 50 euro cents. Isn't that amazing?! Well, they aren't real Ray-Ban's or anything, but still. They were sunnies but the 'glasses' in them were all damaged so I simply popped them out. And the effect? My family members laughed me in the face HARD when I 'suddenly went half blind' whilst wearing them on the couch. My friends find me a fool, but so they did already and geeky glasses you can poke your fingers through to prove they're of no use make no difference to their opinion. And me? I likie likie a lott-ie.

And these, you met, so to save you a long unnecessary story about 'em I'm leaving this blank after THIS.

PLUS: I have a BURRRNING question, namely: who of you dear ones is 'invited' to read The Wandering Alchemist and could get me 'in'? I read ALL of Sam's archives when her blog wasn't yet closed for some/most people, and I just adore her style so much.. Don't believe me? In one of her first posts she talked about Lego accesoires. Well, if you could get me to read her blog again and stuff, I'd love you for it.. thanks in advance!

5 opmerkingen:

yoli zei

nice blog

emily zei

"invited only" blogs annoy me. a lot. i understand the whole privacy thing, but when other blogs link to them, and you can't follow the link, it's really frustrating. :(

kimi zei

You look so cute! With the white thights and the shoes it's pure candy!

Shini zei

Ah only for 50c!! that's crazy! I got called a blindman with those type of sunnies too :P man, they don't understand style huh! hehe

ana b. zei

I really loved the Wandering Alchemist too and was wondering why it had turned "invited only". You could email her to ask if you could be invited? Do you have her email? I could maybe look around my gmail and try and find it. Good luck.