21 mei 2009

strangles me

First of all, thanks for all of these comments! I'm gone for one day, come back and woosh. I'll try to come back to them as soon as possible ;) I forgot to tell you guys I went out to stay over at a friend's house with the five of us. It was really fun! But since I pretty much left right after school and I'm wearing about the same thing today (shameful isn't it?), this outfit is from yesterday.

Tank top, Hema. Skirt, vintage Only via Episode. Cardigan, Ross. Tights, Hema. Shoes, Zipper.

8 opmerkingen:

elle victoire zei

those shoes are adorable! i'd love to own a pair like that :) so fun

The Clothes Horse zei

Fun tights.

lucille zei

I just love your skirt !

_nina_malvada_ zei

nice comdination blue and pink...
(i've got the same shoes!!)

like your style

Emz zei

I love the colors of your outfit!

paola zei

i love the colours in this outfit. the skirt's so cute!

Slanelle zei

i'd be glad to exchange links, i'm addong you to my blogroll ;)

jukejka zei

great combination of pink and blue!