29 mei 2009

relax, soon it'll be worse

'So tomorrow OK?' Yuck. I disgust my own words. But it so came to be I wasn't wearing my yellow dress anytime this week, because I gave it to my friend Salome 'for all your hemmings and adjustments'. It needed shortening. Any other outfits worn were simply not intriguing or plain good enough to photograph. Above the fact that I simply didn't feel like it.

So what else is new? I bought a playsuit! My friend (same one) told me H&M sold playsuits, and so we went there. I thought 'when it's more expensive than 20 euros I won't buy it.' What do you know: it was ten! That's fairly cheap, even for H&M, for such a handy outfit for perhaps the beach, shopping, school.. let's just say whenever you feel lazy :) I'll post pictures soon enough, because the weather is so nice I could actually wear it (without tights)!

Sorry for this once again boring post. I will not make it a habit to just blab, without anything to look at but words. Darn words.


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boubou zei

hey lovely header :))
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a très bientot !
Boubou xx