4 okt. 2009

i'll tell you what

Cardigan, Benetton. Shirt, C&A. Skirt, H&M. Leggings, H&M. Ski socks, ?

I found out this is the last outfit I photographed, being also the only one since my last post. Which has been ages ago.
Tomorrow I have a chemistry test, Tuesday a physics test, Wednesday a French test and I wouldn't be surprised if the last two weekdays I have tests too. At my school they just adore these kind of practical jokes.

So school, friends and crushes (no just one :p) are taking over me. No time for dressing left. Do you know how horrible that sounds??

I don't blame you for abandoning me, I'm just hating the fact that I'll have to get all my 20 (or even more :o) visitors back someday, somehow. And I haven't checked bloglovin' for WEEKS so I might just be walking around totally old-school without even noticing :') wount that be funny.

So here's an ANNOUNCED break. Pause. Vacation. Name it whatever. I'm gone for a while again now. G'bye. X.

3 opmerkingen:

Zany Style zei

the chucks shirt is so awwwsome! and the way u put it together with the skirt and what are those pink thins on the bottom? Socks? love em! and wait what was the last thing u said............ NOOOOOO! you can leave! everyone is leaving the blogging world. well, i'm going to miss u so, (sniff sniff) bye :(


layia zei

good luck on your exams!

kimi zei

oh dear hope you can use your blogging-free time and get on the fashion train again ^^
Wish you a lot of fun when you're checking your thousands bloglovin entries :)
Hope you'll be back soon. I'll miss your lovely posts!