25 sep. 2009

covered with tissues

Busy, busy, busy. Not merely an excuse. I have just not done SHOOT for school and am now experiencing the bad consequences. I got a C for a biology test which was (supposed to be) the easiest one of the year and a C+/B- for math (which is okay, but still). Also I am 'crushing all over again' and it's scaring me because last time it didn't turn out too well.

Cardigan, Benetton. Dress as top, Ross. Skirt, my mom's old. Tights, H&M. (worn with red Converse)

Denim blouse+skirt+silk tights=H&M! Haha. (worn with striped espadrilles from France you haven't seen yet.. :#)

Sweater, H&M. DIY cut-off shorts, CRB. Tights, Hema. Duck necklace, home made (chain H&M and duck my sister's). Bracelets, home made.

I promise that I'll update at least every half week. I hope to be able to do it every day but that I sadly can't give you for sure because I'm busy busy busy. No excuse.

6 opmerkingen:

Katerina zei

I love the way you wear this mini skirts!!!


kimi zei

this necklace is absolutely fab!!

Slanelle zei

i love your nail polish on your banner <3

Zany Style zei

rubber ducky ur the one...... uh hi.... i like the ducky and all the other awsome clothes!


valonia irene zei

hey you'vr got an award from me! check out my blog if u don't mind oke?

'Lee zei

that rubber duckie necklace is soo cute :)
I love the denim shirt, really want one