1 sep. 2009

papa papa dear papa i lost my love

Shirt and belt, my mom's. Skirt, H&M. Tights, Hema. (Paired with cardigan and lace-ups, my famous blue patched ones.. )

WHOA. That many questions? Who would have expected it? And not only that, I think you guys broke my comment-record. Please don't find me desperate for noticing. I'll have to do the post another time though. My own computer crashed (again..) and I'm kind of in a hurry right now so I'll have to take my time for it once :) I'm glad to see there were some very original questions ;) keep asking! That way we could do all at once..

I am, by the way, very proud of myself. Not that this has anything to do with anything but I'm actually being very social in school (you know, like, talking to kids I barely know) which is something I am of nature too shy for to do. But I convinced myself. And who would have guessed it all went so fast? I'm proud to call a cute German transfer guy (named Lou ^^) a new 'friend' (okay, that's a big word) and to have shared a delicious cappuccino with very nice classmates :D

C'est tout :) xx.

PS. Check my originality ;)

13 opmerkingen:

emily zei

good for you! (hee hee, and i have a comment record too. :) ) love the tights.


yiqin; zei

Ah you are so adorable :D

katrina zei

such a cute picture!
love your nails!

Katerina zei

I like your style....and this outfit is one of those I am going to copy!!xx

Charlotte Drene zei

Very good :-D

Lovely outfit, might I say!

Anoniem zei

love your tights!... and your nails :D

Maverick Malone zei

Great post! I love the nails and those purple tights are so siccc!

xox, mavi

Fashion Pix zei

Jij hebt zulk leuk haar, succes op school nog!

Patty Ann zei

love the colored tights
purple is one of my fav colors
really cute wall too
i love the dots!


Marian zei

cute tights na dadorable nails :)

edith zei

aspiring frenn indeed :)

UnoCosa zei

haha... you are so original :-).... btw: nice hands you have, serious.... xoxo

Sang zei

aww what a cute post.
i didn't know you changed your main picture. it's real nice:]