17 sep. 2009


I am the most unreliable. But making myself look like a bad person isn't going to satisfy you is it? I've just actually been busy. I had a 'nervous breakdown' this Monday, on matters like school, love, et cetera. You know the works. Point is that I'm actually going to have to do homework this year: a concept entirely new to me, since I always did all the work during school. For the rest I've discovered that a German transfer guy (who is pretty adorable) has come to like me and this is also a new thing for me. I've just been confused and unfocused ever since: he likes me, he likes me not..

So catching up there is: four outfits. Then again, this is something that's happened before here.. Unreliable I tell you..

Green polo, Hema. Sweater, French store. Skirt, H&M. Tights, H&M Young. All Stars, Converse. (Liked the geek-collar effect :D)

Obama shirt, my dad's. Tights, Hema. (Worn with a skirt but I can't remember which..)

Plaid shirt, flee market (Queen's Day). Cardigan, Ross. Skirt and tights, H&M.

Shirt, mom's old. Dress under, vintage (Zipper). Tights, Makro. Shoe laces as belt, Nike.

I went shopping yesterday.. bought a shirt, a dress and a sweater/dress which I'll be showing you (in outfits, probably). SOON.

4 opmerkingen:

katrina zei

Great outfits, great great great!!:)


kimi zei

Hi dear!

I'm actually not that big fan of polo collars but you look cute in it.
Doing homework at home sucks!!! I also have to get used to it.

Katerina zei

Cool outfits.....mostly like the one with plaid shirt, cardigan and skirt!!!


Zhcsyra hp zei

wooowh cool room :)))