29 aug. 2009

this world is getting better and better with the day

Tie-dye dress, vintage. Cardigan, Ross. Headband turned belt came with shirt.

I think in the first-to-last post people had mistaken this dress for DIY in stead of tie-dye. Note: I did not dye it myself, I bought it this way! :)

Today we're having a party at my house. It's to celebrate my mom's birthday, but also still mine (though it was in June..) Friends and family are coming over and there's a lot of food :)

PLAYING: I love you - Esser
I usually don't do 'playing' thingies but I just felt like it ;)

PS: I'd love to make a Q&A post! I don't know if anyone would be interested but I'd like to answer questions if there are. So just ask anything and when there are enough I'll put them in a post :)

20 opmerkingen:

linaa, zei

:O this outfit is magnifique!
I love it, it's so artsy and daring! You are so fun! :)
Gsssh, get any skinner and ill have to shoot you. im jealous :(

Anoniem zei

oh, thanks so much for your comment dear :) and i'll ask a few questions:

* what inspires you the most?
* what are your favourite blogs?
* what countries would you like to visit?
* favourite colour?

Katerina zei

Happy birthday to your mam!!!!
Tie-dye is the latest trend and your dress is soooo nice!!!
My question is: "how would you call your style and who is your favorite style icon person?"xx

kimi zei

I wasn't sure whether I like this dress when you showed it first but it's really gorgeous when you wear it!
I have a questions:
How old are you?
Why are you blogging?

all dressed up with nowhere to go zei

your awesome! i have 2 questions.
1.i was wondering if you follow Tavi of Style Rookie? because not that your style is the same but booth of you have a boldness about you and original style.
2.And what blogs do you follow?

Zany Style zei

the tie die with the grey sweater AND the blue belt is sooooooo perfect. And happy belated birthday and happy bday to ur mom 2.


clairegrenade zei

suuuper adorable!

great find!

UnoCosa zei

the tie-dye color is so beautiful - reminds me rainbow ... and the i love you bring out the turquoise color by putting a matching-color best, lovely, and enjoy your weekend, xoxo

Anoniem zei

love your outfit.

Diary of a Young Designer zei

Love the tie-dye it's awesome! Hope you have a great time at the party and munch on yummy food. ^-^

Umm let's see questions...
Ah, what is the one food you'd eat over and over and never get tired of?


Style Bird zei

I LOVE this outfit!

linaa, zei

"I'd love to make a Q&A post!"
and i would love to ask some questions!
1. Why did you start blogging??
2. Who are your inspirations?
3. Favourite designer?
4. How would you describe your style?

Patty Ann zei

loveeee the tie-dye dress and the ribbon belt matches perfectly!! xx


Eliza zei

oh i love the dress! :) you paired it perfectly with that cardigan. also i'm sure the party will be great! :)

i would like to know your favourite book and movie! :D

yiqin; zei

I like the blue belt :) Nice!

Simes. zei

Hey! We loved your blog!
Check out ours whenever you want, we invite you to follow us.

kirstyb zei

i love love love your dress x

In-tree-gue zei

your belt is really fun. Oh and i have a question, who's your favorite female model and who is your favorite designer
also, what is your first childhood memory

she loves the radio zei

leeuk!, je blog is fijn om te bezoeken hihi. met je toffe outfits :)

emily zei

love the outfit! hmmm... as for questions:

do you have any pets?

what are your favorite stores/brands?

how do you decide what to wear/what inspires you? (if that made any sense.)