1 aug. 2009

if i wanted to stay i would have

With exactly two messages on twitter and for the rest no posts, news, anything, you'd say I've been really busy.

Let me tell you what I've actually been doing.


That's it. I sat in chairs, read books, went swimming, wrote a lot, drew some stuff.. And sure, we went to cities with markets some days and we even went canoing one day (which was totally fun and I laughed so hard when our boat turned itself under water and my mom and I fell and soaked) but for the rest.. barely anything. And that's what vacation is for, right?

I've bought a lot, though. The next dress is only one of the pieces, but I didn't feel like showing everything (so that'll come tomorrow or something) and this outfit was just in my head since I bought the thing.

Dress, Arles market. Tights, Hema.

I could tell you the rest, in words, but that's not half as cool. You need to see the amazing things I bought at the cute markets and even children's shops..

And today I slept and had 'fun with tights'.

Shirt, Easy Wear. Purple tights, Hema. Other tights, H&M.

Until tomorrow my loves.

7 opmerkingen:

kimi zei

Welcome back!
The first dress is really cute! Are these two tone tights or two different? Anyway I love the colours!

Fannah zei

Two different ;) I felt like having fun with it..

Jowy zei

the dresses are adorable, i adore the two tone thights.

one love,

Stephanie zei

I love the dress with these pink flowers! :)

kirstyb zei

sounds perfect - love the shirt xoxoxo

HoneyBunny zei

OH, I love that first dress! It's floral perfection<3

nycrun zei

top picture is great