5 jul. 2009

we've revoluted so fast

I know the word above isn't actually a word.. it should be, though.

This is my last post before I leave for France! We're leaving as soon as possible tomorrow and now I'm waiting for the laundry to dry, and for the rest I'm pretty much ready to go :) I thought I'd show you the things I bought yesterday:

Sandals. I needed summer shoes and first wanted to buy them in the H&M, but couldn't find any. Then my mom said: 'Let's check at the HEMA,' and that's this not really fashion-y warehouse kind of shop so I wasn't too impressed.. until I found these almost immediately. 15 euros. They're not heaven when it comes to the comfort, but none like these will ever be. They'll last a summer though :)

The most simple skirt ever, H&M, 5 euros. I was over-dressed yesterday so this was just a solution-buy ;) Could always come in handy..

A linen top from the.. Zara? Honestly, that store is to me the crowdiest, most illogical store there is. But it was sale and I found this and loved it. 15 euros.

2 euros. Need I say any more? :p

A playsuit for 9 euros. Again, no more words necessary..

I bought this beach dress a while ago (9,90) and haven't worn it yet.. But it's really cute :p

These are my goodbye words. GOODBYE. I'll seriously miss you guys, and I hope that you believe it :) Have a great great greatest summer vacation and I'll see you in three weeks! :D

5 opmerkingen:

Valentine zei

That jumpsuit is a total steal! and those sandals! :) Ive also recently bought a fairly cheap one and whilst its low on the comfort factor it does look cute and serves its purpose. hehe..


Have a fun vacation!

The Clothes Horse zei

Ooh, have a fantastic time in France. I hope you will have lots of pictures to share with us when you return.

Anoniem zei

Wow 2euros, that is a bargain! And I can never wear those sandles because although they look nice, my feet always slide all around in them and are so uncomfy lol! Have a lovely France time!! =]=].

emily zei

i love the playsuit, and my friend is actually getting back from paris today! i wonder what she bought when she was there...

Stephanie Kim zei

i love those shoes! these pieces are perfeecct summer clothes!