2 jul. 2009

too much drama for a middle school

Shirt, Abercrombie & Fitch. Velvet shorts, H&M.

A simple day, but way too hot for anything else. In fact, these shorts were too hot as well but I had to wear them because pretty much the rest is in the wash or packed for the...


Title inspired by some bad experiences my mom is having. She's a middle school teacher at a Montessori school, but now that the principal has gone nuts and totally un-Montessori-ish, she's fired and replaced and everyone is being hectic and kids are even screaming names to the principal in her face and they are not the kind of words that should be coming from a twelve year-old. There are only three out of at least twelve teachers over there that aren't mad with her YET. Those are the kiss-asses who will do anything anyone says just to keep their job and tell everybody how amazingly great they are.

Except, their classes weren't cleaning the class room out of themselves when the teacher was a little late. That was my mom's class. Oh yeah, she's such a bad teacher..

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kimi zei

Oh my! Teachers have such a hard job. I wouldn't want to do that job at all. The biggest respect to those how really want to deal with difficult teenage kids!

Anoniem zei

I like the simple short and shirt look, and I like the spotty dotty dots on your wall! I went to a Montessori school and I loved it so much. So much better than mainstream school (for me anyway). I hope it all gets sorted out for your mum... it seems completely unfair!

The Clothes Horse zei

Ah, too bad about the school drama your mother is experiencing. My mother worked at a Montessori school before and I worked as TA one summer there and we had a crazy principal as well...but nothing as crazy as what you're describing.
I hope things cool down there (and here) a bit--I get so hot and flustered every time I go outside!

Marie-Louise zei

you have some really cute outfits on here! keep it up :)

preppygoesrock zei

i know what youre going through gurl!!! luv the outfit!
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