1 dec. 2009

i've been alone in how i feel

Jumper dress, H&M Paris. Cardigan, tights, longsleeve, Hema. Chucks, Converse.

I can't believe I've not worn this dress in so long, it's been my favorite and it will be again aah!
okay I know why. I had to iron. but I just.. didn't, today.

Pardon me for my foolishness. It's just that over a week now I've been a total freak. I've been acting.. unusual. Sometimes this meant dancing around the house like crazy (with or without anyone else home), sometimes silly faces, sometimes boredom which led to sarcastic pointless written texts, and sometimes dullness and lameless and energylessness and I'm just like 'whuuuugh' all day. Try picture that. CONCLUDED: I am in love.

7 opmerkingen:

kimi zei

Haha when I read your first sentences I thought you're ill. Well love-sick I guess ^^
I will never buy stuff which need to be ironed again because I don't do it fore weeks (maybe even months) nothing for lazy people!

Danielle zei

Very cute blog!

L.P zei

I looove you'r blog! Really beautiful. Hugs

Aury zei

aww. how sweet!

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Anoniem zei

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Anoniem zei

cute dress!