29 dec. 2009

or maybe you should try the liquor, i promise you'll get drunk much quicker

Shirt, my dad's. Cardigan, Hema. Shorts, secondhand. Tights, unknown. Scarf, weird shop..

I got this scarf in a shop that has amazing clearout sales.. always, along with two bowties and a pure silk vest: every piece 1 euro.
The shorts I got when my mom was cleaning her seweing closet and she saved some stuff because of the fabrics. She also gave me a funny overall and a cool-printed shirt :D

These things are what i love to wear most: secondhand or best-deal-ever.
What's your favorite store, or way to get new clothes? ^^

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Casey zei

Oh my! You got some really good deals! I must say that I am quite jealous.

Julls zei

:) I've just found your blog and it's very nice ! I'm going to follow ! Follow me back if you like it :)

Camilla zei

Cute blog! xxx

Elaine zei

Wow...way to be a bargain shopper!!


Christina zei

I love your outfit sources: secondhand, weird shop, dad's... those all seem like places I shop at!
My favorite places to get clothes are (1) thrift stores, (2) raiding my family's closets, and (3) DIY.

Yay for eco-friendly style!

la Petite et Troupeau zei


wishwishwish zei

i love second hand clothes the best, and i'm never afraid to customise them! x

saamielola zei

Heel herkenbaar. Niets is leuker dan goedkope kleren aanhebben en dan hele leuke complimentjes krijgen.
Omdat ik geen bijbaantje heb, koop ik kleren in de kringloopwinkel en wacht ik geduldig op de koopjesperiode, maar grotendeels van mijn keren zijn afdankertjes van mijn zus en mama.

enterrement de vie de jeune fille zei

Super blog très riche et original