25 nov. 2009


Village hoodie, Madewell. Dress, H&M. Tights, Hema. Shoes, Converse.

Been lazy. Been bored. Been tired. Been downloading a lot of indie+alt+electro+ambient songs and now am crazy about Relator (Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson - she sings really well!)

How about you? Hibernation feel kicking in yet? ;)

Oh yeah: I'm making a list of words I really love: not for the meaning but for the sound of it or how you spell it. A few of them are féerie (French for fairy), hiemes (Latin for winters) and mitochondria :D I'd love to know some words that you think are beautiful, if you have them ;) and if not, think about it..


5 opmerkingen:

layia zei

i love the word 'always'

kimi zei

I love celtic names and words like Freya or Odin.
I also bought Relator. Love it!

Roos zei

J'adore le mot 'Cacahuette' et 'Caochouc'. It gives me that funny feeling on my tongue... =)
Je te les apprendrai a l'ecole!

emily zei

my favorite words are "lovely" and "lluvia" (spanish for rain). they're just so delicious to say. :)

dîner spectacle chippendales Paris zei

Pour moi française j'aime le mot stawberry