2 mrt. 2009

where have i been last year?

No. Impossible.

(Pictured: the best shoes by, who else, Nicholas Kirkwood, SS08, via google)

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The Clothes Horse zei

Those are wicked!
P.S. I had to respond asap because you are the first person to really get what I was asking that post--everyone responded with the first time they felt lonely/unloved...that's not the same as the first time you realize you are you--an individual and your parents aren't an extension of yourself! I'm so happy someone "got" it!

Andy zei

God. those are sickkkkkkkkkk! amazing.
i'm back after 20 days :)
check my new post!


Twobreadsplease zei

Oh god, they are heaven. They'd break my ankles but I'd still do it. x

Trendy Gourmandise zei