3 mrt. 2009

inspired by..

Ironically enough, now that there's this contest on Weardrobe on stripe outfits, I find myself wearing them more and more often.. (meaning every day since the contest came out). I'm a fan of striped patterns and so maybe I've always dressed with them, but only now I noticed..

(Today) White longsleeve: Tommy Hilfiger - Skirt, shirt, tights: H&M.

(Yesterday, sorry for the color., it was about nine/ten..) Tights, black longsleeve: Hema - Shirt, cardigan: H&M - Skirt: mom's old.

4 opmerkingen:

Shini zei

looooooove striped too, something so perfect about them... love the pop of pink :D! you go with your bedroom!

Katie zei

Looking good! I am actually really liking stripes at the moment, think thats partly down to all of this nautical stuff thats about at the mo :) like the bubblegum pink, scrumdidlyumptious!

TheGlamorousEccentric zei

the pink tights look really cool!

The Clothes Horse zei

I really like the basic stripes with the pink. Stripes feel like an obsession some days...
P.S. In regards to your response comment: yeah, I think the language I used was a little misleading, by alone I meant we are all seperate (physically and mentally), but it came across as lonely/loner to many people...