1 apr. 2009

the questions never asked there's no answer to

Please forgive me. I've abandoned this world of blogging in every single way. So to speak I don't eat, sleep, produce. Meaning I don't feed myself off of you, I don't properly take a rest, and I certainly am not letting you guys know I'm still out here. The problem is, I haven't felt like blogging in all this time. I haven't even been on the web much lately, only to learn for school, or check my email. This sounds less serious than it actually is: it is, was, one of my addictions to spend hours behind this very screen.
Also, now I'm infected with this very bad cough, accompanied by a painful throat ache, and it could be pertussis. We're not sure, but I don't feel too well. Another thing: I'm having a social life! The sun's back out and that means hanging around with friends and family rather than spending free time inside. In this time, I've painted bikes with friends, performed for my singing classes, shopped a hell lot, been to the beach, I've even had a few ice creams!

Please forgive me. I'm now, sleeping for real. Taking an, with this one, announced break from blogging. All I can do now is hope you'll miss me.

x. Fannah

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