16 apr. 2009

he got the death sentence for killing a man

Shirt, Hema (secondhand via my mom). Striped shirt under, H&M. Skirt, secondhand. Striped tights, H&M. Necklace, self made.

I somehow love the cut of this shirt.. it looks a bit like a pajama shirt, right? :p nonetheless I love it for some reason.
Yes, there's a melon slice hanging on my necklace :) the idea came from my sister, who always makes little things with her perler beads. She made this melon thingie once and I thought, that's amazing, so I kinda faked it :p

13 opmerkingen:

♥ fashion chalet zei

Adorable necklace.
Watermelon is my favorite Summer fruit :)


Kirke zei

Love necklace, amazing!

S t y l i s s i m o zei

the pic and style is amazing.

The Clothes Horse zei

That necklace is adorable.

♥ fashion chalet zei

aw thank you :)

i really wish for a necklace like yours, so perfect against the black tee!


Enep zei

I like your hair, cute! and oh, your header is amazing ;)


Nikita zei

Your necklace reminds me of summer camp where I used to use pearler beads in crafts. Probably while eating water melon.

Love the skirt, and LOVE YOUR HAIR. Seriously, I love the little ringlets they add such character!

yiqin; zei

I loved the way you pull the skirt up high. & the tights. So awesome!

Arrie zei

lovely necklace! :)

FASHIONconfectionairy zei

The watermelon is adorable, I use to make those things, they were so much fun....

Eri zei

Hi there,
Just came across your blog and enjoyed it.
Please come and visit mine too.
I hope to see you soon.

HoneyBunny zei

You look adorable! Love the skirt and the necklace<3

Sara zei

I love the necklace! And your hair :)