15 apr. 2009


Cardigan, H&M Young. Top, secondhand. Skirt, H&M. Tights, H&M Young. Wayfarers, Zipper.

I got a comment from Renée when I posted this look on Lookbook today! I was kinda stunned, maybe that's an overreaction but I just adore her style and I think it's way cool she's got this amazing job while underage and everything. She's just a great inspiration, don't you think? :)

It was greaaaat weather today. Whilst wearing this I was hot. It was too warm for tights, too warm for a cardigan (though it was my coat today) and too warm even for Converse.. so I switched those to ballerinas last minute. I was kinda surprised, but worried too: it's not a bad thing, but this is what global warming does, even to Holland. But heck, as long as I'm not dying a painful death and I'm able to go out bare-legged in April, I don't mind too much :)

8 opmerkingen:

HoneyBunny zei

Looking cute!
I love that skirt<3

Anoniem zei

Awww, you look adorable :)

The Clothes Horse zei

Love the colors of your outfit.
I am very impressed with Renee--she's worked in styling too.

yiqin; zei

OMG the color combination is fab! The skirt is darling too. I love how it clinches at the waist!

princess pineapple zei

oh my you look soo cute :) i love your outfit

FASHIONconfectionairy zei

The skirt is adorable, and i love the color!

kimi zei

Okay i really need Wayfarers! They're looking so damn cool!

Mo zei

that blue skirt is adorable !