5 feb. 2009

i'm quite sure i think so

My outfit Wednesday. (Monday and Tuesday I didn't dress 'worthy enough' I think)
Top: Easy Wear - Lace top under: my mom's - Dress, socks: H&M - Leggings: vintage

I also entered a photo for the Weardrobe contest, but they didn't add it to the list yet.. :( hope they will. The theme was 'Winter whites':

Sweater: vintage - Pashmina: ? (my hair is totally messed up here but whatevs)

10 opmerkingen:

Killercola zei

Great dress... and the wall behind you is really fantastic. And the bed! Ooh!

Angela zei

those are some gorgeous tights :)

Sam zei

De eerste outfit is zo gaaf!

Ana zei

In answer to your comment, I do speak a little Dutch. Its gone downhill since my cousins learned english though.


I ADORE the bright circle wall decals in your room.

Dream on zei

wooh de laatste outfit
en foto zijn heel leuk.

Anoniem zei

I'm in love with the first look - so great!

Thuva-Lisa zei

Oh you are awsome!

FashionJunkie zei

love the sweater and your hair is find where i'm from which is New york your look would be the soho hispter. you look cool. and check out my blog http://fashionaddress.blogspot.com/

maisie #1 and #2 zei

so cute in the second photo!
i love those purple tights.

/maisie #!

Daphne zei

nice clothe!

i love your hair!! jaja