15 feb. 2009

pink and red

As a sinner of envy, I feel loneliest in the year on Valentine's Day. I've even stopped hoping some guy would send me anything, because it never happens anyway. I'll probably die alone.

But not to be too depressed, look what I got from family and friends!! :D

A shelf of love. It makes me happy.

Valentine's outfit. Striped top, tights: H&M - Dress: Ross - Cardigan: Benetton (been living in it the past days!)

Hope you had the happiest, loveliest Valentine thus far!


7 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

I love your dress! It's perfect for Valentine's day!

Raquel zei

thank you honey, you look lovely, love the dress.
sure I'll send you one, just give me your e-mail.

Casey zei

The picture of the two little girls is from the movie A Little Princess [the 1995 version, I believe.] It's one of my favorite movies.
And I totally sympathize with you. My date for valentine's day this year? My mother. But we did have a fun time, though!

The Clothes Horse zei

Cute outfit.
I also get hot couple envy. :( One day it will be different...or not, either way I'm determined to be happy!

Trish zei

Awww! I feel for you, girl. Because, I feel the same way too!! HAHAHA. I guess I'm gonna die alone too! You're not alone. Hihi. :)

hande's closet zei

that is so pretty!!

Stacy zei

cute dress.