13 dec. 2008

munsterous. #2

Well, I went to this little German town Münster yesterday, with two classes. (Mine and another, doh.) It was so much fun! There were like 5 or 6 Christmas markets that sold stuff for in your Christmas tree of course, but also typical German food, stuff like baking forms and hats, scarves etc. It sucked though, that we had to look for certain churches and stuff to answer questions about it, we didn't find about half of them so we traded the answers with some other group.. =# we also had to interview people in German which was actually very fun! There was this man that could really say something in Dutch! 'Heeft het eten goed gesmaakt?' he said, with a terrible accent, but still funny. (It means 'Did the food taste good?' =p)
Of course, because we were there all day, we shopped too. Or at least we tried to. We were with the seven of us: five of which my friends, me, and one girl that is kind of the loner in our class (because she's so annoying! don't get me wrong though..) and had to come with us. On our way to the market, where we had to answer questions,
we ran into this vintage shop in a little alley! One friend of mine, and myself of course, really wanted to go there. The others actually just wanted to go to H&M -.-' so first we finished what we had to do and the seven of us went there anyways =)
It was so cool! They had a real lot, and it was all so pretty... and cheap too! There were racks and racks of dresses, shirts and stuff.. It was vintage heaven =p the only thing was there were almost no shoes or bags, expect for these like 20 inch-heels with the largest plateau soles ever.. but anyway, the ones that didn't want to go there liked it a lot too. The one friend that did want to go bought a really cute hat and a sweater which I fitted first but was a little small.. =( but I did buy two things that I wanted to buy for some time: a big knitted sweater (you could almost smell the old lady, haha) for only 25 euros and a plaid shirt for just 10. (By the way, we never again went to the H&M: we did eat in the most delicious and cheap pizzeria ever)

(Sorry for the weird rotation)

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Sam zei

Die trui is zo cool!

The Clothes Horse zei

That sweater looks fantastic. Old ladies know where the style is at!