11 dec. 2008


With school, I'm going to Munster tomorrow, a German city! Of course we'll have to do schoolish stuff like interviewing people on the street and search for special monuments and places and describe them. But we're there for over 10/11 hours, and our teacher told us there's a special Christmas market there, so it will be so much fun! We're all planning on shopping a lot, I hope the market includes fashion and stuff too.. I also thought that if someone's interested, I'll try and make streetstyle photos. I don't know how the fashion is there, but we'll see. Maybe it's truely inspiring, maybe it's boring. We'll see.

Ps. soon there will be some (less recent) looks of mine. I haven't been dressing my best lately, because I suck at layering and it's so damn cold! I don't like winter much.

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