13 dec. 2008

i'm from holland...

...where the f--- you from? This song, that yes, consists (almost) only of these two sentences, was literally a hit in Holland. That should give a little image of us..
It disgusts me that in Holland you can say stuff like that on TV or radio, without hearing a beep or even nothing. But what I also don't like from the Netherlands is that when I go somewhere, I always take my camera to photograph inspiring looks and stuff. Problem is, there are none. At least not where I go. And if there are, they stay in, or the people have been on Dam Style or Tony or something. I mean, I'd rather live somewhere like in Paris, where people dare.
Here it's either Uggs or Nikes on your feet, either jeans or way too short skirts. And I do that sometimes too (although my fake bear-paws are just for inside, thank you), but I'd love to not be the only one taking a chance! Or at least in Amsterdam..

Well, the planned-to-post last looks:

Dec. 3rd: (I most definitely had my laces tied) Striped shirt, greyish longsleeve (which I 'edited' for the worse): H&M - Cardigan: H&M Young - Skirt: gift - Tights: ? - Shoes: Adidas.

Dec. 10th: Dress, cardigan: Ross - Tights: ? - Shoes: Converse All Star @ V&D - Longsleeve: H&M.

Sweater, shirtdress: H&M - Tights: H&M? - Belt: my mom's (wore my Nikes)

Why I almost never wear heels, might cross your minds. Well, I'm 5'10'' or even 5'11''.. something like that. That makes me the tallest girl in my class, and I don't really mind, but when I wear heels I'm.. huge. I wear them sometimes, but another thing is I don't have ten pair of them like the rest of you. I'd want to, but since I'm a teenager my mom would not want me to.. Haha.

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