21 dec. 2008

'arigato tosan'.

I don't know much Japanese, in fact, these are two of the maybe four words I do know, and still they come in quite handy now..
My dad told me yesterday I looked like a Japanese girl (from the waist down at least), because of my bright-colored tights with knee-highs over it. I didn't mind, because I love Japanese style! It's so colorful and different.. So, what do you think? Any resemblance?

Dec, 20. Coat: Pull & Bear - Bag: Oilily (gift) - Scarf: made by mom - Sweater: vintage - Skirt, tights, knee-highs: H&M - Shoes: Nike. (Thought I'd show you what I go out in every day!)

Dec, 18. Blazer, dress: H&M - Tights: ? - Knee-highs: Bristol - Sweater: vintage - Shoes: Adidas.

Yes, you've seen that right, I'm somewhat living in my new sweater.

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