2 jan. 2009

nine of age.

First of all, Happy New Year! Can you believe this century's almost over already? NINE. Wow.

I'm the worst. Blogger. No kidding, when we came home from this party at friends of ours on New Year's Eve, it was about three and I didn't feel like taking photos from my outfit. Well, I did do it, but they turned out the worst so you'll have to imagine this:

"And a happy New Year" by Fannah

on me. I love Polyvore! Blazer & shirt & socks H&M, jeans Bershka, pumps Roxy, ribbon (in my hair) was a gift wrap.. I got a haircut by the way! I think it's way too short, but with a little help from my mom it kinda worked out. (I got the bangs I asked for, but I didn't want it to be this short.. and yes, I was tired, hence the look)

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