9 jan. 2009

have you ever flown like i flew today

Here's to be clear: I don't post anything but outfits from now on, until it's spring again. And if it happens to be that I feel like posting something else, you'll see. I'm not a regular poster, you got that by now, so wait and see. x. PS: don't mind the junk in my room in these pictures, please..

Jan, 7th. Sweater: H&M - Blouse: vintage - jeans: Albert Cuyp market - socks: ? - necklace: made by me (both chain and heart are/were Christmas decorations..)

Jan, 8th. Shoes: Dr. Adams - black long sleeve: Hema - rest: H&M..

Jan, 9th. Sweater: vintage - dress: H&M - tights: H&M - socks: Hema - shoes: ? (I didn't wear these shoes out, they're my dancing class-shoes actually, but I see people wearing them out so I decided to see what it looked like..)

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Merily zei

Thank you!
And the knee-high lace-ups combo is really nice :)