18 jan. 2009

childhood memories.

Forgot to tell you, partly because it was a surprise for me too, that I was putting up a new header. With that I also changed the entire look, just for the fun of it. If you want I can change it back, opinions?? I'm not sure what suits better so I'll leave it up to you :)

Antoher thing I need your opinion about: can I carry the following out?

(1st = carried, 2nd = front, 3rd = back). It's a little suitcase with on it two characters from the Dutch famous books of Jip & Janneke by Annie M.G. Schmidt! I've had this since I was very little, and when I found it back I was so happy.. I've been wanting a cute suitcase, but couldn't find it. Now I need you to tell me if it's any good..? It's not big enough for school, obviously, maybe for shopping days or whatever, but what do you think? (Also the sewed edges are a little loose but I could fix that, right?) My mom thinks I'm crazy though.

Ps. I haven't got a tattoo on my hand :p just some doodle turning out to look like a Chinese character.. It's just pen ;)

5 opmerkingen:

Dream on zei

dankjewel voor je reactie :)
Wat een cute koffertje!

Ik ben eigenlijk al 4 keer
voor deze getagged hahaha,
maakt niet uit, ik kies
gewoon de 5e pic uit de 5e map
ofzo. Iniedergeval thanks!
En ik zet jou ook even
tussen mijn links.

Raquel zei

wear out for sure,it's so cute! love the new header and the look is lovely. oh can you tell were is the header picture from?
have a nice week sweetie.

The Clothes Horse zei

Your header is lovely. I think a background pattern/wallpaper would compliment it well...but I'm clearly biased!
Also that little suitcase is adorable!

lien zei

i've got exact the same suitcase but in blue..
i love him

Rissa zei

Aws, that so cute! I would use it was a lunch box for school ;)