18 jan. 2009

long gone, gone for long (#1)

Jan. 13th: blouse, tights: H&M - black shirt, OTK's: Hema.

Jan. 12th: Blouse: vintage - skirt, tights: H&M.

Before I'm going to post the rest of my outfits this week, I'm going to do this tag I got from Sam (Daily Fashion Boost)!

1.Go to the fourth map in your computer where you store your pictures
2.Pick the fourth picture in that folder
3.Explain the picture
4.Tag four people to do the same

Not too much to explain here: two summers ago my parents, sister and I visited Paris for about three days. Of course we went to the Louvre, and I fell in love with it. Picture is taken inside, viewing the outside through the famous pyramids.

I'll tag The Clothes Horse, Dream On, Sequin Magazine & Black Sheep.

Be prepared for more outfits, a 'does this look stupid', another Lohan ad campaign and a different sort of inspiration!

2 opmerkingen:

Maria zei

I find your skirt pretty cute, though blue isn't one of my favorite colors (actually, I only have got 1 blue piece in my closet) and it really suits you. *

Raquel zei

love both outfits, actually I've been trying to find a skirt and a shirt dress like yours!