2 jan. 2009

desperate woman.

Well, I went shopping, finally! I'm not even going to tell you guys where I went because you'll probably know. I went with my mom: I find it best shopping with her, rather than alone or with friends.. she has good taste ;) anyhow, we went to (..) and (..) only, so everything down here is bought at (..). Fill in the dots. Tip: I had a free €80,- to spend there on gift coupons! But I spent a little bit more..

Left to right, from above:
- a gray sweater long enough for a dress(!), €9,- only! (was on my wish list!)
- a blue sweater dress in need of a shirt under it, €19,90
- a pinstriped blouse, waisted and worn as a dress, €24,90 (kind of on my list but I LOVE it)
- fuchsia long leggings, €9,90
- a fuchsia 3/4 sleeve shirt (with trees on it!), €5,-
- a gray sweater, €5,-
- a high-waisted skirt which I fitted some time ago when out of money, loved, and now bought! €19,90
- another high-waisted skirt, totally cotton which looks like lace though, €14,90

S0 all that together would be.. €108,50!! And I also spent €10,- on underwear and 2 on headbands, will make it €120,50 at the (..). That's a HELL lot, but I owe my mom only €10,- so that's doable.

5 opmerkingen:

Chester zei

Cute clothes!
You're lucky to buy stuff yesterday!

Sam zei

Oeh, love de nieuwe aankopen! Vooral de rokken! En nog een gelukkig nieuwjaar! Ook al ben ik er wat laat mee...

Raquel zei

I love the skirts and the blouse. Actually I bought a same shade of blu skirt yesterday ;)

The Man Who Knew Too Much zei

bumped into your blog via The Sartorialist.
Leuk om te zien dat er nog meer Nederlandse bloggers zijn.


Aisha zei

The first blue high waisted skirt is really pretty. Can't wait to see some pictures of you rocking it!