30 nov. 2008

oh, my lady victoria.. (#2)

As I promised, my very own Victorian looks, modern style of course. I wouldn't have thought it would work out this well.. Of course you could do a better job but for my laziness, it's quite good.

Shirt, skirt: gift - Purse: gift (Guess) - Hat: my mom's - Shoes: little shop in Portugal - Gloves: H&M.

Blue shirt, purse: my mom's - Dress: Ross - Skirt: French market - Blazer: H&M.

These looks actually wearable on a casual day, I think. I got so inspired I wanted to wear it instantly, but I just need a few pairs of tights for under it now, in matching colors. Try going out bare-legged with this weather! It's snowing!

(These are two looks of for. This means there will be a third part of the Victorian posts.)

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Sam zei

Ik vind die eerste er erg goed op geinspireerd! Maar zeker zeer koud! Hoop dat je een goede panty er voor onder kan vinden ^^ Vind het zeker erg leuk