25 nov. 2008

you've made me so creative.

I have been missing days because I was sick. My mom made it worse than it was, it was just a cold and I'm only a bit sniffy now. I'll probably post my outfit from today tomorrow, because I just don't feel like it.. sorry! 
I also haven't been dressing up Victorian style, because I found out about the pathetic amount of laces and bows in my wardrobe. I'll just have to improvise to the fullest, that's not really the problem, it's more that I don't feel like anything today.. that's what sickness does to you! But for now, a few inspiring people. There's nothing wrong about that, now is there?

(Photos: The SartFace Hunter.)

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Esmée zei

lovely photo's!


Dream on zei

Oja we gaan linken he :]
ik zal je er nu even tussen
zetten hoor!