4 jan. 2010

white january

It snowed today, during school. Was a beautiful sight from the third floor my art class took place. And when I got home I took pictures, just for you guys :)

Okay, I must admit it looked a little better in real life. But a girl in my class said today: 'You should post something everyday, just for fun. Then you gain trust.' Haha. So here I am :) soon enough too you'll see the magnificent sweater I bought- magnificent is the only appropraite word right now. But I got my dad's old iPhone for Christmas and it doesn't have a self-picturemakerthing. Or such. So no outfit pictures anytime soon I think :(

Enjoy winter while it lasts! I can't believe I, the one who can't take a simple chill without dying of cold, am telling you that but yes. Enjoy.

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