29 jan. 2010

you shouldn't say that in god's presence

Shirt, my dad's old. Tights, unknown. Skirt (the blue^^), H&M. Plimsoles, H&M.

This shirt is very comfortable :) it's a little big and the color is doubtful, but it's amazing. Especially for a free take-over from my dad, hehe.

Now it's bloglovin' and getting-back-to-your-comments-time!

8 opmerkingen:

Stragiatella zei

So nice!
I like the vague ghosty picture!

A Perfect Peach zei

I love oversized button-down shirts like that. I have a couple of old Levi versions and I practically live in them!

Walk The Sand zei

Man shirts rock.

Yulo zei

i sometimes use my grandfather´s old t-shirts, they´re awsome!
but let me tell you that this stuff is amazing!
one photo, but the best one!

Jade "Purple" Brown zei

i love your oversized shirt!


Casey zei

You've totally inspired me to go sneak into my brother's room and go ransack his closet!

Tuesdai Noelle zei

:::smiles:: I like the title :) And the shirt is cool as well :) Hope your weekend is nice :)

Lauren zei

Nice "find"!