18 jan. 2010


Haha I can show my face again. And I solved my camera problem altogether. Here's a drawing of what I wore today!I hope the text is legible.. I'm often told I have a messy hand writing. I've had several in my life and to me, this is the most legible one yet! ;)
And look what amazing socks I bought for one euro at the Hema :D

5 opmerkingen:

katrina zei

haa, cute socks!

kimi zei

I love your drawing (your hand write isn't messy at all btw). But why do you look so evil?

M. zei

cute sketch! I really have to work on sketching!

lovelove, M.

Constance zei

cute drawing!! x

Camilla zei

awww, sketching! :) Cute outfit! I would never wear those socks though! They remind me of some hideous socks my best friend revealed when she kicked of her shoes this one time we stayed at Heathrow over night... I was like WTF ARE YOU WEARING?! ...haha, anyway.. I guess it's just a personal thing :P all my socks are black... if I saw a pair like this in my sock drawer one day it would totaly ruin the uniformity of my perfectly boring pile of black socks ;)

Nice blog!