24 jan. 2010


I found these super adorable drawings! They're by artist Elisa Sassi, and I couldn't not share them with you guys. It could be that you already know her, because some of it looks familiar to me too. But still.

source: designcomlimao/ffffound/flickr/arspace

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Pixie Dust zei

How cute!!! :)) I've never heard of her, but I'll definitely check her out now :)
I'm glad I found your blog, it's so sweet :) And your english is amazing, considering you're not a native speaker!! :))
If you have time, check out my blog, I think you might like it - or so I hope :))
Have a great day xxx

Pixie Dust zei

Well that explains it! I was like "wow, what and how do they teach them in Holland?" :O
I am your brand new follower girl :) If you like, do the same <3 Muchoos love :)

Julls zei

They are soo cute ! Thank's for sharing :D

Tuesdai Noelle zei

Well, I am a LOVER of the arts! These paintings remind me of ones located on Johnthan Levine Gallery. I love the quirky imagination that Elisa plays around with. These are also drawing you'd find on Cartoon Network...Dexter & Power puff girls......don't ask me how I know that though :::smiles:: thanks for showing :)

btw, I love the "and blah, blah' blah" painting :)

moni jawn zei

wow i like yuor blogg alot real cute ;) coould you check mines out && tell me what you think please also iM following you could you do the same ..

Anoniem zei

aaww cute post :) adorable blog :) ! love it !

Yulo zei

love this! here in Argentina there´s a clothe store called 47 STREET that has similar draws for it,

fhen zei

how cute! love the artwork :)

A Perfect Peach zei

so cute!

Jade "Purple" Brown zei

cool pictures!


Lauren zei

Aw, I like the texture in the second and last one.