15 jan. 2010


Shirt, Hema.

Goals for this week
- bake cookies
- go to the city
- send my friends postcards
- record some birds :)
- make a feelgood playlist
- go to the forest or beach (if someone will join)
- don't curse :x
- notice details
- say yes to most/all offers, but don't lie
- clean out my closet and donate the throwaways to the Salvation Army

5 opmerkingen:

onic zei

love the nail colors :D
goodluck with the things to do :)

Roos zei


Michele zei

Hema you say? Well, I am familiar with this shop:D

all about the style zei

Cute blog !!

Margherita&Eleonora zei

love plaid shirt!!! <3