30 jan. 2010

watch me now

Sweater, my dad's work (free). Collar/shirt, vintage (queen's day). Bracelets, childhood. Watch necklace, market.

I bought this watch necklace a pretty long time ago, but never really wear it.. too bad because it's beautiful! But I saw a lot of people wearing them lately and it reminded me of mine.. So today I wore it while visiting the Bagels and Beans with my friends. I had a tuna salad bagel, and a lovely moccachino that tasted just like hot choco with cafeine in it^^ Also I bought the book Looking for Alaska by John Green because it got a lot of great reviews.. I read some fragments before and it seemed very good :)

How was your Saturday?

4 opmerkingen:

Panda zei

Wow! Great necklace, really vintage-y!
Relaxed saturday, yours sounds so fun
Panda xx

Julls zei

Lovely lovely outfit and watch :)

Casey zei

Lovely necklace!

& I've been wanting to read Looking For Alaska for such a long time! Tell me how it is once you finish it!

♥TeE♥ zei
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