22 jan. 2010


Shirt, gift from my dad (Zara). Striped dress, H&M. Tights, Hema. Plimsoles, H&M.

I looooove this shirt that my dad bought me at his three-day trip to Milan.

Milano Milano Milano.

And these plimsoles/lace-ups/flats/whatever you like calling 'em (I say plimplimplim.) are very comfy :) And were only 10 euros at the airport! Hehe.

And purple tights.. ah well a 'small hint' of color, and I love colored tights :D You should see my tights-drawer. Yes I have one. And it's treasured deeply.

PS. I put all my stuff on lookbook first so I might sometimes forget to post outfits..

4 opmerkingen:

Jade "Purple" Brown zei

im in love with your skirt!


Julls zei

Lovely outfit :X

Striped Shirts zei

Really love your outfit here!!!

Anoniem zei

love your tee and that skirt. =)